Spiritual leaders often fail to establish healthy boundaries. Most leaders can’t distinguish between “pouring themselves out” for others and lacking boundaries, but it is important that we appreciate the nuance. When we have healthy boundaries, we can “pour ourselves out” for the long haul. As you read the list below, ask God to give you discernment on how to establish healthy boundaries in your life and ministry. 


10 indicators that you’re lacking boundaries:

  1. Your job description is constantly growing to meet the unrealistic expectations of your people.
  2. You have no Sabbath or, if you do, it is constantly violated by ministry ’emergencies.’
  3. Your soul grows leaner as your ministry grows larger.
  4. You find yourself falling prey to needy people.
  5. You’re available to meet with anyone.
  6. You remain in a ministry only because you feel obligated to the people.
  7. You feel so responsible for the spiritual welfare of people that their failures feel like your own.
  8. The inevitable ministry criticism haunts you. 
  9. You can’t be happy when people are not happy with you.
  10. You can’t say no.