Humility is central to our calling as followers of Christ and leaders in the church – we can never talk about it enough! Here are twelve quick thoughts on the nature of humility and its importance to our spiritual life.


  1. Humility is not weakness, quietness, or pliability. It is not lack of initiative, confidence, boldness or force.
  2. Humility is confidence properly placed in God and not in self.
  3. Humility is born from a correct understanding of who you are and where you stand before God.
  4. Humility is appropriate for us as creatures, as sinners and as saints. (Andrew Murray).
  5. Humility gives God the Sovereign position in your “inner world” that He possesses in the real world.
  6. Humility is the pattern of Jesus, the goal of redemption and the hope of eternity.
  7. Humility is the emptying of self.
  8. Humility is the only path to spiritual greatness.
  9. Humility is the hidden treasure of Jesus’ spirituality.
  10. Humility is the key that unlocks the door to God’s best.
  11. If you possess humility, God will overlook all your flaws and give you grace. If you lack it, God will overlook all your good deeds and turn Himself against you. 
  12. Humility is irresistible to God.