I want to begin the new year by reflecting on what it means to lead like Jesus. I invite you to consider what we can learn about leadership specifically from His death, burial and resurrection. This is the fourth and final post in a series; you can read the first post here.

Reflection #4 Like Jesus in His Resurrection

The journey from death to burial culminates in the reward of resurrection. After the long night of death and burial comes the dawn of a new day.  The empty shell of our life, having been done away with, is filled to overflowing with His New Life.  We cannot be spiritual leaders in the power of the old life. As the new life emerges in our hearts it unlocks a God-centered, God-honoring and God-anointed leadership.

This resurrection life is marked by:

New Vision

When the Holy Spirit takes over our leadership, He expands our vision. Very often we discover our leadership vision is too human. On our own, we cast vision accounting for limitations that God simply doesn’t acknowledge. Jesus’ triumph over death illustrates that God’s vision for our ministry is larger than our human imagination. God’s vision requires God’s power.

New Power

When the Holy Spirit takes over our leadership, He impregnates it with His power. With us out of the way, God is free to lead His vision. The leader’s willingness to follow “God prompts” and “God leads” unleash God’s power. Strategic planning takes its proper place as “our best response to what God is birthing among us” rather than “our process of getting ourselves where we want to go next.” We learn from the resurrection that our trust must not be in a sound strategy but in the power of God. Only God’s power unlocks new fruitfulness.

New Fruitfulness

When the Holy Spirit takes over our leadership, we bear much fruit. God is freed up to multiply our efforts. “Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him.” (Genesis 26:12)  When we operate in His favor and blessing, God takes the seeds we plant and multiplies them in results. He changes lives, He saves souls, He heals the broken. We learn from the resurrection that we do not achieve leadership results FOR God, we receive them FROM God. New fruitfulness leads to new joy.

New Joy

When the Holy Spirit takes over our ministry, we are filled with joy in Him. We discover that God has led us down the path from death to new life not only to make us fruitful as leaders but because He delights in us. We in turn delight in Him.

I’m sure I have only scratched the surface of all we can learn about leading like Jesus from His death, burial and resurrection. I pray these posts serve as a springboard for further reflection and a fresh commitment to lead a little more like Jesus.